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“Silicon Valley should concentrate its money and expansion in the Americas, where there's still some semblance of a free market.”


“Donald Trump claims walls work. He can only be referencing the 36,000 miles of the meandering Great Wall of China built before the birth of Christ, because in over 2,000 years, not a single [undocumented] Mexican has invaded China. But the Mongols picked it apart.”


“Any problems that exist in Mexico is Mexico's problem for them to resolve. We just need to mind our own business.”


“To the reader who says Dems should clean up Clinton before complaining about Trump: The two don't compare. If only Trump were as clean as Clinton (who was impeached)!”


“Working people are deserting their high-tax states in the Northeast corridor and California for lower tax states but will do to one what they have done to the other. They should stay and force change in their own backyard.”