Ray Lundy is best known as the singing guitarist and frontman of the popular and most excellent local blues/psych/garage combo Bottles & Cans. They play regularly at a variety of venues in our region and released an indie CD a few years back that’s long out-of-print. Ray’s an extremely friendly and collaborative musician who was born in Southern California and played his first paying musical gig when he was 17. He and his bride moved to Savannah from Las Vegas in 2001, and he’s lived here almost continually ever since. Ray encourages folks to keep up with his area gigs online at facebook.com/bottlesncanssav.


First record you ever bought with your own money? “Blonde on Blonde” (Bob Dylan).

First concert you bought a ticket to with your own money? The Grateful Dead.

One record you will never tire of hearing? “Love & Theft” (Bob Dylan).

The last time you were clean-shaven? 1993.

Have you ever been in a fistfight? Yes.

True or False: Blues musicians should never wear flip-flops. False.

Last time you held a straight day-job: 2004.

Best guitar amp you’ve ever owned: Fender Twin Reverb.

Biggest misconception people seem to have about you: (Laughs) Perhaps it's that because I play blues tunes some folks assume that I'll certainly play them some Stevie Ray Vaughan or Eric Clapton…

True or false: I am ticklish: That is provably true.

Largest single tip you’ve ever received at a gig? $300

One talent you wish you had? The ability to think like a woman.

One song you wish you’d written (and its composer)? “Changing of the Guards” by Bob Dylan.

One band you wish you could’ve been a member of? Velvet Caravan.

Three artists or musicians you’d most like to have a drink with: Hunter S. Thompson, Neil Young and Igor Fiksman (pedal steel guitarist with local C&W act Damon & The Sh!tkickers).

Favorite instrument you’ve ever owned? The Telecaster-style guitar that (local luthier and singer-songwriter) Anders Thomsen built for me is my new favorite.

Favorite year of Bob Dylan’s career? His next one! Otherwise, I think around '75 was dynamite.

Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf? Howlin' Wolf.

One movie you never tire of seeing? “Blazing Saddles.”

First thing you would do as Mayor of Savannah? Repair whatever is in disrepair and revivify the culture.


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