Whether you embrace Facebook for the sense of connection it brings you, or whether you watch time slipping away envying the appearance of your peers’ manicured life on Instagram, chances are you are still partaking in social media.

Digital platforms have sanctioned egocentric culture by giving every day folk a chance to share pieces of themselves online — the most popular aspect of themselves being their face, birthing the term selfie.

Internationally exhibited Los Angeles based artists and power couple Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti have created a site-specific installation piece for the SCAD museum.

“On View” contemplates the phenomenon of selfie culture, its role in social media, and how it affects us outside of the digital world. Furthermore, it touches on how the consumerism aspect of it and how it alternates our experience of art.


This is the very first immersive, interactive and performance installation commissioned by SCAD.

Just like social media, “On View” cannot exist with the audience-as-subject.

This a three-step experience where the audience walks through rooms titled, “Agree,” “Capture” and “Distribute.”

The exhibit begins by asking the participant to step into the “Terms and Condition” entry, where you’ll meet a performer dressed in all white. There, you are invited to agree to the contract.

Once the contract is signed, the words “You are on view” appear on a plaque in front of the participant and signals the time for a self-portrait to be taken.

Two-way mirrors and reflective black walls wrap around the person and a composition by Amon Tobin begins to play.

In order for your photo to be taken, conditions apply. This brings attention to the conditions we agree to on a day-to-day basis by agreeing to partake in social media and selfie culture.

“On View” is on display now and runs through June 2.