Knightsquatch, young acolytes of the esoteric prog-arts, have completed recording their first cosmic transmission from the legendary creature they take their name from.

Knightsquatch will be celebrating the release of their debut LP, “First Contact” at El-Rocko Lounge with Hotplate and headliners Identikit.

But what, exactly, is the mysterious Knightsquatch?

“There is a figure and he is passed down from myth and legend in every culture,” guitarist Jake Plissken explained. “The Knightsquatch is out there. He is an immortal being—cursed. He can never die and he has wandered the earth for hundreds of thousands of years and will likely continue wandering until humanity is long gone and long after. We seek his wisdom.”

Knightsquatch are Plissken, Joseph Napkin (drums), Mario Bezares (guitar), and JohnRoss Maddox (bass).


“Since January, we’ve been actually playing shows, but the project itself had an earlier incarnation two years ago,” said Plissken. “We had to put it on hold for awhile, but then we really came back with a vengeance.”

The band’s sound and newly energized drive are inspired by their worship of the Knightsquatch. “We feel that through us, he speaks,” Plissken explained. “Through the Knightsquatch all things are possible.”

Knightsquatch play heavy prog-metal that is reminiscent of Mastodon or early Baroness, with dueling guitar interplay and swampy riffs, or as guitarist Bezares describes it, “It’s like if Pink Floyd played metal.”

“First Contact” was recorded at Holy Ghost Tabernacle in Savannah with prog producer Bobby Shock and will be available on Friday on Bandcamp and Spotify, with a physical release planned in the near future. The band describe the album as cinematic with a cohesive flow. There are only three songs, but with titles like “The Lonely Ghost of Dathomir” and “The Tower,” one can assume they have Yes-like durations. Plissken said the final track, “Misanthropocene Sword” is “an absolute odyssey.”


When asked if the mythical Knightsquatch will be pleased with “First Contact” the band answered with a resounding “yes!”

“There has been a report that is is getting closer and closer,” Bezares pointed out.

“There was a Squatch sighting in North Georgia,” Plissken added. “We’re the guide stones. I promise you it’s all connected. It goes all the way to the top.

When Knighsquatch release their opus at El-Rocko they will be joined by Hotplate and Identikit. Headliners Identikit are a self-described “Progressive klezmer-influenced orchestral fusion band” with heavy Frank Zappa and Mr. Bungle influences.

Identikit’s wild, jazzy instrumentation consists of bass, drum, violin, clarinet, keyboard and saxophone which makes them stand out in a scene dominated by distorted guitars.

Savannah’s Hotplate are a gut-churningly low-end instrametal band. They also love pancakes.