“If Only Papercut Paradoxical Paradises” offers an interesting take on social issues that make the viewers think and question.

Peter Roberts is the artist and is originally from Fairfield, Connecticut. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a bachelors degree.

"After making several paper cut pieces as gifts, friends prompted me to start making them as art," Roberts said. "That led to my first solo show in July 2014 on my 50th birthday. Never too late to start."

Roberts uses art to help promote issues and help.

"Location Gallery shows at Austin Hill Realty have different nonprofits each show and show profits at the Savannah LGBT Center go to the center," he said. "The idea actually started at one of my ‘Headcases’ shows as a conversation with the philanthropically minded Austin Hill. He wanted to know what I thought about running a gallery in his new office space at 417 Whitaker and donating the profits to local nonprofits. I said let's do lunch. It was a very good lunch."

“'If Only’ was inspired by the idea of things you never imagined you needed, but might make the world a better place,” he said. “Ricocheting rainbow revolvers, retractable hydro-pants, cooling cheese wallets, donut orchards, etc. This time the paper cut material is a combination of matte, metallic and textured surfaces that was challenging to work with, but created a visual tension for the narrative." 

Roberts hopes the viewers walk away from the show with a smile and some bright ideas.

In addition to creating art, Roberts is active in the community and uses his art to give back to others. He is a supporter of local community radio station WRUU and the LGBTQ center.

"We love WRUU," said Roberts. "The programming gives so much detail about the community at large that you don't get anywhere else. Last summer, Location pulled local artists that had been on ‘Art on the Air’ to participate in ‘$300 & Under.’ It was such a success that we are doing the show again and it opens July 26 at 417 Whitaker."

New York is taking notice, as well. While working on pieces for his "If Only" show, he was invited to be part of group show "Out There" at Blackbird Gallery in Manhattan for Gay Pride Month and the Stonewall 50th anniversary.  

"Of course, I said yes. It was finals week in the studio for about two weeks, but you do what you have to do.”