Savannah is considered to be the most haunted city in the US, some say even the world. There are many spirits who haunt the colonial town, as witnessed by the locals who live here and guests who visit. Recently the Travel Channel filmed an episode for their series, "Most Terrifying Places," at Moon River Brewing Company, interviewing Ryan Dunn about the haunting incidents at one of the city's most recognized spooky locations.

Dunn and his team focus on the historical aspects of the real people who lived and died. During his recent investigation of Moon River Brewing Company, he and his team held two public investigation events on Oct. 13 and 20. where they collected Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).


As the story goes, it was August 1832 and James Stark was a legislator visiting Savannah staying at the City Hotel (which is now Moon River Brewing Company). He was known for being braggadocios and considered obnoxious. He made several derogatory remarks against Dr. Philip Minis. The two argued, and later crossed paths in the hotel. Stark appeared to reach in his coat pocket for a pistol, whereas Dr. Minis drew his pistol and shot Stark in the chest, killing him on the staircase. Minis was arrested and charged with murder, but was acquitted after the jury spent two hours deliberating on the case after a six-day trial.

People have stated since then, they have seen the ghost of Stark looming on the staircase he was shot and killed on. Dunn said people were physically touched during the investigations, as well as people being scratched. "We captured an EVP of a deep voice of a man saying, 'I am behind you.'"

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Dunn said he and his team focus on sharing the accurate history of the people and the places they investigate. He and his wife, Kim, run Afterlife Tours, and Dunn has written several books on the subject called "Savannah's Afterlife: True Tales of a Paranormal Investigator." He is currently working on his third book in the series, and his first book about their investigations in St. Augustine, Fla. Dunn encourages people to make up their own minds and is passionate about people offering correct information to clients on tours. Moon River Brewing Company remains unrenovated above the 2nd floor. They have tried to get contractors in, but many quit because of the reported paranormal activity.

Is Moon River Brewing Company haunted? Listen to Stark and follow your own inclinations.