Mysterious masked rock quartet DAIKAIJU are bringing their brand of experimental surf rock to El-Rocko Lounge Nov. 9 with two regional indie rock bands in tow.

DAIKAIJU credit their name as a reference to Kaiju, a Japanese film genre known for gigantic monsters with an appetite for destroying big cities. The band’s live performances are just as bombastic. The masked group put a new stamp on classic surf rock music utilizing loud guitars, high energy performances and drum-scorching pyrotechnics with a sound fast and fun.


DAIKAIJU say they are following a long-tradition of masked musicians from the wrestling-mask wearing Los Straitjackets to robot-inspired dance duo, Daft Punk — songs like “Attack of the Crab Women” and “Daikaiju Die!” feature hyper drum beats and classic surf guitar licks evoking Dick Dale but at twice the speed.

DAIKAIJU’s website describes the band’s sound as a “Loud Sonic Boom Full of Earful Pleasure.” The masked performers can be seen jumping over audience members and setting their instruments on fire in their promotional pictures. It’s not hard to imagine a mighty Japanese monster laying wrath to downtown Savannah.

The group is also unified in their tight-lipped image. Interview questions sent to the band with short answers credited as “From the Hive Mind of DAIKAIJU.”

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They say they love playing Savannah because of the “GOOD FOOD AND NICE TREES” and promise a “MOST AMAZING GOLDEN SHOWER OF DELIGHT” for music fans at their El Rocko show.

Openers Enen are a local indie rock group that juggle moody guitar ballads and upbeat pop explosions with a hint of surf rock in the background. The project of songwriter and recording artist Isaac Enen, has been making the rounds regionally after coming onto the scene just a few short years ago with a debut album. In their bio, the band’s leader describes their sound as lyrical and melodic, says he likes to write songs about his latest fixations, and has an aversion to taking himself too seriously.

The night’s other supporting act, Minorcan are a three-piece rock band from Asheville, NC. Minoran too feature upbeat songs with loud guitars and drums, but with more of a 1990s-era flair, reminiscent of grunge music mainstays like Mudhoney or Dinosaur Jr.

The music kicks off at 9 p.m. at El-Rocko Lounge, 117 Whitaker Street. General admission is free. DJ Paliacci closes out the night with a set at Midnight.