“Cafe racing is mainly a matter of taste,“ wrote the notable essayist and motorcycle enthusiast Hunter S. Thompson. “It is an atavistic mentality, a peculiar mix of low style, high speed, pure dumbness, and overweening commitment to the cafe life and all its dangerous pleasures... I am a cafe racer myself, on some days - and it is one of my finest addictions.”

The café racer, a style of motorcycle often customized to reduce weight and increase speed, handling, and sporty appearance will be one of the many styles of custom and vintage motorcycles on display at this weekend's Victory Moto Show located in Service Brewing’s spacious showroom. The Victory Moto Show, an event dedicated to presenting vintage and custom motorcycles as well as providing benefits and awareness for veterans groups is celebrating its third year and was founded by local resident and motorcycle enthusiast Anna Heritage.

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“There wasn’t really anything like it in this area,” said Heritage. “I grew up riding motorcycles and I come from a veteran family as well, so having a motorcycle show that benefits and helps veterans all came together and made a lot of sense.”

“We choose a different non-profit to benefit each year,” Heritage continued. “This year, it’s the Motorcycle Relief Project which is a really special cause. The project takes first responders and veterans with PTSD to go on a week-long adventure ride with them. The organization takes care of everything once the individual gets to Colorado where the rides take place and works to build community, and bring together people who have had really traumatic experiences to be able to do something that’s both physical and emotionally healing.”

“The thing that’s most exciting to me is when people travel from miles and miles away especially people who come to show their bikes,” said Heritage. “We’ve had people from all over the country people road-trip from Miami or Rhode Island to come to this so I’m really excited for the people that are going to be there.”

“There’s going to be motorcycle parking in the front so even when you’re walking in there’s going to be bikes lined up outside the brewery, continued Heritage. “There’ll be motorcycles in the showroom and we’re going to be having a couple of DJ’s come in and rotate so there’ll be some music and Big Bon Pizza will be selling pizza in the evening. There will be a silent auction to benefit the Motorcycle Relief Project as well, Pat Crump from The Butcher is donating a tattoo for that so I’m excited for that, and Southeast Motorcycle donated a mini-bike that’ll be raffled off to support Motorcycle Relief Project.”

“We’re also having three exciting beer collaborations that are also motorcycle inspired. Three different breweries came in to brew these special collaboration beers so that’s going to be super fun, including a Juicy Double IPP with Alewife Brewing Company, a California Common with 13 Stripes Brewery and the other is an Imperial Stout with Revelry Brewing.”

“I’d like to extend a special thanks to Service Brewing who has gone above and beyond for this show, the reason it’s so special is because it’s in their space and Meredith Sutton, the co-owner of Service Brewing, has really spearheaded the show along with Charlotte Masters, Megan Hodges, and Jen Pentreath. Really, it’s a woman-run motorcycle show which is pretty cool in itself.”

Heritage reports that all bikes featured have not been displayed at any of the shows previous iterations and directed those interested in a pre-show ride to the show's Facebook page.