The season of the art market is upon us all across the Lowcountry, as local and regional artists ready their crafts in hopes that a few lucky patrons will take home a piece of hand-designed artwork to display in their own home or to pass on as a unique, one-off present.

With an abnormally high saturation of talented artists and artisans, Savannah is a community rife with unique gift options for the holidays. This weekend, the Starland District's food truck park, Starland Yard, will host their own art market made up of local and regional artists curated and represented by one of the cities’ newest galleries, Cedar House Gallery.

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The gallery, which opened this May, will be curating and hosting the event. “We’re a historic house that belonged to Miss Celia Dunn and her family, which is Dunn Reality of Sotheby’s. Then it belonged to the Williams family for over 75 years,” said gallery director Sam Williams. “Then three guys bought it and wanted to turn it into a gallery and that’s how I got the job,” said Williams jokingly. “It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

“I’m really excited to see where the Art Market goes because this is my first attempt at an arts market and Starland Yard’s as well. We’re talking about making this kind of an occasional event, so I’m just excited to see it grow.”

“When I came to Starland Yard, I already had quite a few artists who were really excited to do a market,” said Williams. “Because we do open studio nights at the gallery, we have multiple events, and we rent out space to a lot of SCAD students. Right now, we’re actually doing a weekly rotating show for a lot of SCAD seniors. We just had a furniture design show, it was the student's senior thesis in the masters' program, and someone just did a painting exhibition.”

Williams, a SCAD graduate who graduated a little over a year ago with a degree in photography and museum studies, believes that many local residents overlook the untapped potential of the local art student population.

“We actually have a student section for the market as well. It isn’t as big because SCAD is out right now for their break, but next time, we do plan to do a larger student base," Williams said. "That’s one thing I think we should really take advantage of as a community that we don’t, is that we have super talented artists who come here for one-to-four years and we only get them for that little amount of time if they choose to stick around, and we’re lucky to have them, but for the most part we don’t take advantage of the student stuff unless we’re involved with SCAD.”

“I just want people to get to know the local artists around town,” added Williams, “because there’s such a great crowd of artists that stick around here, and even since being at Cedar House I’ve seen some incredible pieces and things that I would have never seen otherwise, so I would just love for people to come out and see what this community of artists are capable of.”