Historic Savannah Foundation has been awarded a $2,500 grant from the National Trust Preservation Fund to kickstart the restoration of the city of Savannah’s Powder Magazine.


The Powder Magazine was designed by famous Savannah architects Alfred S. Eichberg and Hyman Witcover and commissioned by Mayor P.W. Meldrim. Local mason John Eason completed the gothic-style structure in November 1898, and it was used to store explosive powder, artillery ammunition, and eventually dynamite. The Savannah Powder Magazine was closed in 1963, due to the expense of operation and lack of funding, and has remained abandoned ever since.

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This is the only municipal powder magazine still in existence in Georgia. HSF’s successful grant application provides for a Conditions Assessment and begins the process of historical restoration of the city of Savannah’s Powder Magazine.

“This was a highly competitive grant round, and we are very honored to have been selected by the National Trust Preservation Fund and for this initiative to be recognized as a nationally significant historical preservation project,” said Daniel Carey, president and CEO of HSF. “We will be appealing for funds to proceed with restoration efforts, although this is a positive first step."

HSF saves buildings, places and stories that define Savannah’s past, present, and future. Following its formation in 1955, HSF started a Revolving Fund to save endangered historic properties. To date, HS has saved and protected more than 370 buildings throughout Savannah’s historic districts. HSF demonstrates the cultural, social and economic benefits of preservation as good public policy by proving that preservation and progress go hand-in-hand.

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