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“Whether Republican or Democrat, throwing millions off of health care is evil.”


“The Russian collusion narrative undoubtedly had a negative impact on our foreign diplomacy and our president's efforts to negotiate with allies and adversaries. Why would foreign governments make agreements with a president who might soon be removed from office? Democrats who created the Russian collusion story are enemies of the people of the United States.”


“Dear Bank of America: If you’re no longer going to provide drive-up services for your customers, could you at least keep envelopes in your night depository? It’s already a travesty that the elderly and young mothers with children strapped in car seats have to get out of their cars to come inside.”


“I think your records should be cleared after you have served your time in jail. Half of all the young people today are taking drugs and should not have their life destroyed.”


“Pelosi and Schumer weren't running for president, small difference. If they had Russians supplying votes, however, either could have won.”