Think your kin has what it takes to make it big?

"Wife Swap" is seeking "unique or non-traditional" families in Savannah for an episode of the show. According to the casting notice, the show is specifically looking for families who participate or are active in these communities:

Beauty pageants
Families that reside in a house where "Stranger Things" happen — odd/ unexplained things, paranormal activity, "spooky" incidents
Families that bake like crazy and love sugar
Vegan families
African-American families that are extremely religious
Ethnically diverse families, i.e. Hispanic, Indian, Asian, etc.
Religiously diverse families, i.e. Muslim, Jewish, Jainism

If you fit one of these categories, the show is asking that you submit your details to Nakita Harris at or call her at 661-341-6726. Mention you found this at the Savannah Morning News as well.


Families interested in participating must reside in Georgia and have at least two children under the age of 15 that live at home. The compensation for participating families is $10,000 per household.