I’m Charisse. I was born, raised and reside in Savannah. I love blue crabs, oysters and "Devil Wears Prada"; a little-lot Geechee and I love fun and affordable fashion. We’re starting this fun fashion column to highlight Savannah fashion, stylish Savannahians, fashion events and also we’re going to keep you stylish.


Fall Fashion Rules in Savannah — Be prepared.

Savannah has 2.7 seasons — hot, sweltering and I think I want to be cold today. We’re definitely past sweltering, so that leaves us with hot and I think I want to be cold today.

It’s true. On Halloween, it was 84 and the next day, it was 47 degrees. We’ve had Christmas days peaking at 77 degrees. So the best thing we can do is focus on functional fashion for funky weather and we can do that with layers.

Here are my top tips and accessories to keep warm or to undress a little on those “why is it hot” days:

Double up your sweaters/coats Try menswear, ladies Accessories - scarves, belts, shoe switch Don’t forget vests! But how do I stay true to myself? What’d I do?

Incorporate your personal style — wear your favorite color and mix it with a cool print. You’ll feel like yourself, but more bold. Elevate your personal style — play with textures and depth. It’ll give the allusion you put more thought into your look if you wear leather/velvet or corduroy/silk.  

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