Count one Savannah brewery as one of Georgia’s best, according to the popular beer fan website, Untappd.

As the year winds down, the website released its list of the top-rated breweries in Georgia with Two Tides Brewing tied for the seventh highest-ranked brewery in the state. The list was led by Atlanta-based Little Cottage Brewery.

Located on W. 41st Street, Two Tides has become a staple in the Starland District since opening in 2018. “Two Tides brings a social environment to the neighborhood,” resident Kristina Scruby told the Savannah Morning News earlier this year. “The area itself is becoming more popular, as if downtown is being stretched.”

On Untappd, Two Tides has a rating of 3.93 out of 5 in 2019. The ratings are created by users of the app. They rate various breweries around the country as well as the individual drinks at each location.

Outside of beer, Two Tides has ramped up events at their Starland location with Black Tusk recently headlining their Metal Fest.