For over a decade, Anna Chandler and Britt Scott have been fixtures in the Savannah music scene. The two met in 2009 through the local open mic scene and had many mutual musician friends. Chandler performed in the bands General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers and the garage-punk rockers COEDS, while Scott lent her bewitching voice to American Hologram. But it was when Chandler and Scott formed the harmony rich trio Lovely Locks that things clicked for them.

Lovely Locks may be no more, but Chandler and Scott have worked together again on a split 7” record featuring their respective bands Nancy Druid and Jezebel Heart.

“We've always worked together on different projects and had been in a band together before so even though we had separate bands, technically, we like working together,” said Scott. “We were trying to figure out what kind of ways we could pool our resources and put something out that establishes both of our bands.”

The two songs were recorded by Devin Smith of Volition Studios with gorgeous portrait cover art by artist Shaun Beudry and pressed on recycled vinyl that comes in a variety of colors. Nancy Druid's song, “Ace Basin,” is a fuzzed out indie-rock sing-along that will have you shaking your hair out and dancing on the bed. On the other side of the record, Jezebel Heart's forlorn “Gone” features strings that evoke gazing through a rain streaked window from under the covers. Tonally the songs may be different, but they work well together to present the songwriting strengths of Chandler and Scott.

“We talked a lot about that, as far as playing off of light versus dark, and coming out of one thing and going into another, transition and the idea of loss and feeling, but at the same time we were definitely conscious about using two songs I feel juxtapose each other really well,” said Scott. “They do sound different in that way — Anna's tempo is faster, while mine is a little more eerie...Thematically they fit together, but you can tell that we are different bands on different sides.”

The rich recording quality of the record was achieved over the course of two months of tracking in the summer of 2018 with their many friends and bandmates fleshing out the songs.

“This was a very comfortable recording process,” said Chandler. “We were working with a good friend of ours and recording in his studio setup in his house which was down the block from where Britt and I were living at the time, so it really was a comfortable environment where we could give it the time that it needed, not limiting ourselves to get in-get out in a few hours.”

“I was trying to figure out who was in the band and I had Issac Smith sitting in on violin,” explained Scott. “Then Susanna (Kennedy) ended up being the official violinist in the band, but it was cool because I got to have both of them play on the track, so they actually came in and worked out some parts together and you'll hear the violins harmonizing and playing off of each other. It became more of a hang and a collaborative situation with my bandmates. We weren't in a formal studio so we didn't feel rushed.”

“We're not rushers,” Chandler added with a laugh.

This is the first time Chandler and Scott have recorded together since Lovely Locks, but even with different bands, their collaborative relationship hasn't wained. “We always have some kind of musical project going on whether it's a Halloween cover band we're doing for fun, or sitting in with friends,” said Chandler. “Part of the benefit of living together was being able to bounce ideas off each other, practice harmonies together, and just have that joy of collaboration in music.

The record release party is sponsored by House of Strut with a vintage fashion show and a post-show dance party led by DJ Press Play.