On the second night of Restaurant Week, my true love gave to me — dinner at Prohibition; and the menu was outstanding.

I went with a group of friends and we were all in for a delight. I remember the first time I stepped into Prohibition. A friend and I split the Smoked Beef Tartare and that dish alone is what has brought me back time after time.

In looking at the menu, what stood out most from the other menus was the tiered pricing for the entrée selections. They had $25, $35 and $45 options. For those of us planning on eating at multiple restaurant week locations, I could get the $25 entrée and not break the bank. But who am I kidding? The savings were spent on a specialty cocktail: the Jardin De La Abuela. It was made with Mezcal, carrot juice and a brown sugar rosemary thyme syrup. It was smoky, herby and just plain sexy!

With there being four of us, we each ordered a different appetizer. One was deviled eggs with fried avocado and white cheddar. The charred wings had a Memphis dry rub with sweet vinegar, carrot-chile emulsion and a creamy gorgonzola ranch. They were slightly crispy, moist and full of flavor. The street corn was a take on traditional but with a garlic aioli, cotija (an aged, crumbly cow’s milk cheese), lime and a hint of espelentte pepper. While these were all great, the one I had to try again were the brussel sprouts. These were partially browned in the chile lime sauce which added a beautiful caramelization and topped with pickled carrots.

Two of us ordered the shrimp & grits. Looking only at the title, one would say “I could get that anywhere in Savannah.” Not with these ingredients! They replaced the traditional bacon or taso ham with braised pork belly. Other ingredients unique to this presentation were a cheddar mousse and the addition of braised kale. As a southerner, I am picky about my grits and for their base ingredient, they nailed these. My favorite part of this was the added earthiness and texture that the kale produced.

The other two at the table ordered the Savannah River Farms Ritz Cracker Pork Schnitzel. This a southern rendition of German Jägerschnitzel and was complemented with braised cabbage, mushroom ragout and a caraway crème fraiche. While yes, this was a great combination, the flavor of the mushroom ragout has ensured that my taste buds have truly lived.

For the chocoholics they had a chocolate torte with a peanut butter mousse and chocolate crumble which looked divine. When it comes do desserts, I tend to take the road less traveled. I had the Maple Panna Cotta. This was served over a cinnamon molasses cookie and a sweet potato puree. The flavors were perfect together. It was like eating a gingersnap cookie and a light sweet potato mousse with a glass of milk. The perfect ending to this meal.

During Restaurant Week, most places will have selections not on their normal menu. All of these were all selections on their dinner menu which in this case, will require me to return. If you have not been yet, there are plenty of opportunities. Prohibition offers many menus: Lunch, Brunch, Happy Hour, Dinner and even a Late Night option. If you are missing out on this local gem, you have only yourself to blame.