After waiting seven hours to audition for "American Idol" in Savannah, Courtney Timmons got help from a familiar face — host Ryan Seacrest.

"He asked me how bad do I want it and I told him more than anything I’ve wanted in this entire world," Timmons said.

From Harris Neck, Timmons said she’s been singing since the age of 3. She said around the age of 12 or 13 she realized she "had a little something" and grew up watching "American Idol" and idolized former show contestant Jennifer Hudson.

"My favorite was actually Jennifer Hudson because she came out of the show amazing," Timmons said. "Even though she didn’t win, she still made a big name for herself and doing great things to this day."

When she first learned the auditions were being held in Savannah she was excited but unaware judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie would be there.

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"When I saw them walking into their hotel, I was like somebody’s going to hear me today. I was very excited," Timmons said.

Timmons was told the people at the audition had already sung in front of producers two months prior and was told by some she "might as well go home" and her chances of being seen were slim to none.

"I had been out there for a solid seven hours just sitting on the concrete just waiting because I know this is what I wanted to do and I was going to do whatever it took," Timmons said. "It paid off."

Timmons said Seacrest then appeared "out of nowhere" and began walking around saying hey to everyone. She said Seacrest asked her what she was singing and if she had auditioned previously like everyone else. When she responded no, he asked her how bad she wanted it.

"He was like I’m going to try to get you seen by the judges, and it just skyrocketed from there," Timmons said.

Timmons performed "Rise Up" by Andra Day in front of the judges. The episode airs this Sunday, March 1, on ABC, where her friends, family and naysayers will be able to see her results.

"There’s nothing you can’t do so don’t listen to the naysayers," Timmons said. "Perfect your craft and never give up."