We all know CAAMP, Shovels and Rope and Durand Jones and the Indications are a few of the headliners for the 10th annual Savannah Stopover Music Festival. A three-day festival with over 65+ acts can seem like a daunting experience when it is time to pick a show to see. So, how do we make the most of our time? How do we perhaps bump into a new sound and fall in love with a new band? Here are two top 10 lists that I hope will make your choices easier.

10 bands to check out:

1. DeVotchKa - A cross-pollination of numerous influences, including cabaret, spaghetti Westerns, norteño, punk, and the immigrant dance music of Eastern Europe, Colorado-based quartet DeVotchKa, formed in Denver by multi-instrumentalists.

2. Deeper - The band honed their sound over the course of 2015 and 2016 in basements, lofts, and anywhere that would have them. Touring the demos and landing at a fully realized inflection point. Call it post-punk, call it indie rock, their latest is a record that steps in and out of boxes filtered through an unmistakable midwestern lens.

3. Argonaut & Wasp - Obsessed with 70s fashion, 80s synths, and 90s culture, Argonaut & Wasp is a true combination of nu-electronic and raw-band energy.

4. And The Kids - "When This Life Is Over," a 2016 release acclaimed by NPR, who noted that "Mohan’s striking vocals rival the vibrato and boldness of Siouxsie Sioux...[And The Kids] make music that’s both fearless and entertaining"— the sound unfolds in buzzing guitar tones and brightly crashing rhythms, howled melodies and oceanic harmonies.

5. Neighbor Lady - The missing link between indie-rock and classic country western is Atlanta based Neighbor Lady; comprised of Emily Braden, Jack Blauvelt, Merideth Hanscom, and Andrew McFarland.

6. Corridor - Corridor are a group from Montreal with a new release under Sub Pop titled "Junior."

7. Tristen - Hailing from Nashville’s underground rock scene, Tristen has established herself as a prolific, versatile musician over the past decade, whether touring in Jenny Lewis’s Voyager band, collaborating and touring with artists like Vanessa Carlton and Robyn Hitchcock, or releasing three solo albums to critical acclaim.

8. Glove - Based in Tampa, Fla., inspired by the sounds of Devo, The Cars, New Order, and Gary Numan, members of Glove began writing music with a heavy emphasis on 70s synth and dance music that could be performed by a live band.

9. Jaialai- The band is a psychedelic rock band based out of Miami, Florida and Mexico City. Their sound ranges from krautrock to shoegaze to garage rock.

10. Donna Savage- A new act for the Savannah local lineup and the band most locals want to see perform on stage during Stopover.

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10 Stopover Tips:

1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing - Although most of the showcases are indoors, you will have to walk between venues. Wear shoes that are comfortable and worn in. Dress in layers as Savannah goes from 70 degrees to 50 degrees fast.

2. Plan your visit - Make sure you take a good look at the schedule and plan the shows you wish to see. Make time to listen to the playlist on Spotify as it is easier if you know the sounds of each act.

3. WATER - Hydrate constantl. It is very easy with a cocktail to-go-cup in hand to forget to hydrate. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure you drink water as often as possible.

4. EAT - You might think this is overkill but eating three meals a day will keep your tummy full and your energy high during this event that will keep you standing and walking all night long.

5. Alcohol – It might make you want to dance and sing but nothing kills a buzz more than a hangover.

6. Cash and a Charge - Bring a portable charger so you can capture all the moments without losing power. Bring some cash as bands will be selling their music and merch, and cash is king for musicians while touring and way easier while tipping your bartenders. Earplugs to keep your hearing in check.

7. Explore- Go check out a band you have never heard of or a genre you believe you are not a fan of. Exposure to new experiences are enriching in many levels.

8. Pedicabs - Best way to move between the venues with a few friends. By the end of the evening, the Service Brewing location will seem far. Hop on a pedicab and enjoy a ride through the squares until your next venue.

9. Be kind - It is easy to get caught up in the moment but be patient with long lines at venues and while requesting drinks at bars.

10. Have fun!!! - Enjoy your time during the festival get off Instagram and put your cellphone away. When you immersed yourself in the music and your surroundings is an act of self-love.

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