In a time where laughs are needed, Comedian Benji Brown plans to get Savannah ’LIT AF’ during the “LIT AF tour Hosted by Martin Lawrence”. Brown and Comedians Rickey Smiley, Deray Davis and Bruce Bruce will be hitting the stage Friday, March 6 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Arena in downtown Savannah.

Check out a portion of the Q&A with Brown as he prepares to get Savannah ’LIT AF’.

Q: Have you ever been to Savannah before?

A: “Oh, yes. You know, growing up my godparents originated from Savannah so I would spend every other summer in grade school in Savannah, Georgia. I'm quite sure it doesn't look the same.”

Q: For the people who may not know who you are, can you give your background?

A: “I'm Benji Brown. I am the comedian extraordinaire, born and raised in Miami, Florida. And you know, a lot of people know me from my my ghetto Kiki character.

Q: How did you get the name for the character?

A: “I thought of a name when I met this girl. And you know, I thought she was single. She failed to tell me she lived with her boyfriend. He answered the phone and I was scared, so I responded in my ghetto Kiki voice”.

Q: How did you get into comedy?

A: “I didn’t purposely get into comedy, I was always you know, a class clown and the life of the party. I just like people having a good time around me. And I never said I'm gonna be a comedian one day, but, a good friend of mine met an agent. He bragged to the agent about me being funny. I don't know why he did it. Maybe it was meant to be. I got his card and it sat on my dresser for like six months. I think I was bored and wanted to call him and see. I called him and he was like, Hey, I'm picking you up tonight, we have a comedy show going down. He put me on stage with Tommy Davidson and Jamie Foxx. I didn't have any training. I didn't know what to do and I got on stage. I've been doing it over 20 years now. And it's just been amazing. I mean, look, you got me coming to Savannah with Martin Lawrence.

Q: For the stop in Savannah the rest of the stops, what can the guests expect?

A: “I'm going to tell y'all right now, if you get paid on Friday or if you got your income tax, go to the check cashing store early. Get there early to the show! 730 we are getting lit. It's going to be crazy!”

To listen to the rest of the Q&A, check out the podcast below.