There’s a band on the run headed for Tybee Island.

The McCartney Years is a live concert performance of some of Paul McCartney’s biggest hits with his post-Beatles band Wings. The group recreates sights and sounds of the band at the height of their popularity in the 1970s during their “Wings Over America” tour.

The show comes Friday, March 6 to the Tybee Post Theater and promises to transport “Macca” fans back to a bygone area of feathered hair, bell bottom jeans and high-heeled boots.

Bandleader Yuri Pool put together the concert after years in London performing in a Beatles tribute show.

“At the time I was wondering why there are thousands of Beatles tribute bands out there but why wasn’t anyone doing a Paul McCartney group?” Pool said.

At the age of six, Pool says he first became enamored with the Beatles. At age 11, his mother gave Pool his first guitar and kicked off a lifelong love for music.

Though originally a John Lennon fan, Pool says a friend mentioned he should explore Paul McCartney’s catalog since the pair have a similar vocal range. Now 13 years later, The McCartney Years has performed for enthusiastic fans across the globe.

It’s a testament to the impact the “Fab Four” had on the rest of the world with their chart-topping and genre-bending music through the 1960s, and later through the 1970s and 1980s as the members branched out as solo artists.

“I remember being in Africa where people couldn’t speak English but they could recite the songs of the Beatles by heart,” Pool shared. “It really shows how their music transcends demographics and geographics, how they took the world by storm.”

Though there are many Beatles tributes bands on tour regularly, Pool says The McCartney Years is more of a concert experience – offering a flashback glimpse of what the audience would have seen on a real Wings tour in the 1970s.

The group was even endorsed by the late Sid Bernstein, a revered music promoter who helped bring the Beatles to America, and also endorsed by Denny Laine, an original guitar player for Wings.

Pool says the band puts in a lot of effort for authenticity, recreating the outfits and hairstyles of Wings band members, while the group also features many of the actual guitars, keyboards and amplifiers used by Wings on their road shows.

“I like to joke that we are becoming a traveling museum of Paul McCartney’s gear from their tours in the 1970s,” Pool added.

Asked if Sir Paul himself has ever seen the show, Pool says there was a close call once in Buffalo, NY. The McCartney Years had booked their show a year prior, and weeks before the performance, Paul McCartney announced a date in the same city the very night before their own show.

Rumors swirled McCartney planned to attend the show and cheer on the band. Though he never showed, Pool says the fans from his stadium concert turned out in droves the next night to The McCartney Years to re-live the magic and sing their favorite songs.

That special catalog of music has played a pivotal role as the soundtrack to generations of music fans. Pool says it was challenge whittling down so many classic and beloved songs into a two-hour set, but he hopes die-hard fans will enjoy McCartney’s hit songs as well as deeper cuts from Wings albums.

One thing The McCartney Years does promise is a high-energy, spirited show, which Pool says is a living homage to the fun shows McCartney himself continues to put on for audiences well into his eighties.

“This is a real concert experience; we’re not just paying tribute to the music, but to him as an artist and performer,” Pool added. “We hope fans come and check out the show and decide for themselves and let us know what songs are their favorite.”

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