The Savannah Music Festival on Monday shared Sarah Jarosz’s post of her in-home performance of James McMurtry's “Childish Things.”

The wolves howl all night long

They won’t stop and they won’t go home

Beneath my window they run

Probably it’ll be alright

If I keep it all locked up tight

And wait ‘til daylight comes

Jarosz recorded the song as part of Live From Here’s #Livefromhome series. Each of the participating artists is inviting three fellow musicians to contribute to the series.

Since both good things and bad things can grow exponentially, we might have many hours of beautiful music to share by the time you are reading this column.

Jarosz is one of the many stellar artists that were booked for the SMF’s 2020 season.

I can get a press pass for many SMF shows, but I buy tickets for some shows each year. I want to share the experiences with friends, and I want to support the festival, especially its year-round educational initiatives.

So it was an easy call to donate back to the festival the cost of my two tickets to Jarosz’s performance with Madison Cunningham at the Lucas Theatre for the Arts.

For a broader taste of the talent that won’t be coming to town this year, readers can check out the SMF’s playlists on YouTube and Spotify.

Despite the financial strains, the SMF, which has become a vital part of Savannah’s identity, will certainly rebound from this year’s cancellation.

The prospects are less certain for a host of smaller nonprofit groups, venues and individual artists, many of whom are likely to face huge pressures.

In the coming weeks, I hope to steer as many readers as possible toward various ways of providing support even during time of social distancing. Even in a pandemic, we have myriad channels for connecting with art, with music, with each other.

Bill Dawers writes City Talk in Savannah Morning News and blogs at hissing lawns ( Email