And so, as we continue to redefine life as we know it one thing holds true: movies, books and music have made life bearable. Art in all its forms of expressions have been our gateway to sanity but what would happen if our gateway closes?

At this time, artists will be one of our most financially-impacted populations and I am not talking about your Hollywood movie stars. I am talking about your local art scene. Those who create the soundtrack of our city while we are strolling down Forsyth Park or River Street. Those artists that you find yourself getting a new outfit to see them perform at the Jinx or at El Rocko Lounge. The actors that give us a free performance and cultural experience on a beautiful afternoon at the park. The many painters, photographers and sculptors who filled walls and spaces of galleries and cafes.

Many of these artists work the service industry while moonlighting as artists, but the truth is, they are moonlighting the service industry in hopes that one day, their work becomes an essential part of your life.

Do Savannah is hoping to be a conduit between the many artists and performers in our city and we are looking forward in seeing what art will look like after the pandemic. In the meantime, we hope to keep you updated of the many concert series, virtual exhibits and creative ways the arts can keep us connected during this halt.

This week’s Quarantine Concert Series performers are Bero Bero. The band is the brainchild of Veronica Garcia with the help of percussionist David Murray. The band creates an atmospheric synth driven sound that is danceable. Garcia’s voice is that of like a techno-dark wave priestess while Murray’s beats are trancelike and complementary. Great ingredients for great dance and listening experience.

Respecting social distancing we communicated electronically with the band and asked a few questions about their upcoming “Quarantine Series Concert” and dealing with everyday life during this health crisis.

Do: First, how are you guys doing? How are you guys coping? We think is important we ask that of each other these days.

Garcia: We're doing okay, just processing these different emotions and trying to stay positive. We're checking in on our friends and family regularly, looking for ways to laugh when we chat with them to keep everyone's spirits up.

Do: Let’s talk about the series. What does it mean to have this outlet?

Murray: Michael Gaster has set this up and it's great because it gives the audience a better viewing experience than watching bands streaming out of their living room –better sound quality, better camera work.

Garcia: Also, for us musicians, it gets us out of the funky haze of being at home. Even though there isn't a live audience, it's a gig - we've got to pack our gear and fix our faces. I haven't worn makeup for like, two weeks. I'll put some on for this livestream, though and Michael has made sure we are getting compensated, which really helps during this time.

Do: What are the plans for the quarantine concert? Any surprises or special plans?

Garcia: We're looking to premiere a couple new songs at the concert.

Do: How are you guys as a band keeping busy?

Garcia: Well, December through February were busy because of the release of our third EP, "DANCE". We're still working on another video release for that EP but in general, we've been kind of taking a break to regroup and plan for what's next. Of course, no one is sure how this whole COVID-19 situation will play out, so we're taking it one day at a time. We have some shows booked in late-April and May and have no idea yet if they'll be canceled. We really love performing and interacting with others but since we can't, we're looking inward and thinking of ways to hone our chops and expand our sound. I haven't even thought about trying to book any more shows.

Do: How are you keeping busy?

Garcia: We're both still working our other jobs in a limited capacity. I've had to move my piano students to online lessons, which is a new experience for me. I know other people have been teaching online for a while, but it's something I've shied away from until now.

Watch the concert at on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

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