So many of our small businesses have been impacted by COVID-19, especially retail, in a major way. Doors have closed and many are uncertain of where they will land when this is all over. While on Broughton Street, before the major crackdown on non-essential businesses, Edgewater Drive had the best display.

While the Corona brand has absolutely nothing to do with the virus, it was nice to see a local owner exhibit a sense of humor in this. Meet Katie Cassidy, owner of Edgewater Drive on Broughton Streeet, who has been open for 15 months.

I love Katie's store and I’ve been an avid shopper there since it's opening. Catch how I styled a few pieces in my Instagram video also (Instagram: @charissestyles).

Charisse: Tell us about your store Edgewater Drive? When was it founded? The name? Spill the deets!

Cassidy: This place is my dream come true!

I was living in Washington D.C. teaching art, and loved my job and the kids, but I wasn’t fulfilled. My parents are so incredibly supportive of me. I told them how I felt and we decided to go for it. They had retired to Hilton Head and I felt I needed to be closer to them. I’ve always loved Savannah so it was the perfect place for this adventure!

I knew I wanted a place with not only something for everyone - but somewhere everyone would feel comfortable. Somewhere really special. For me, that was my grandparent’s house on Edgewater Drive.

Charisse: What inspired the fashions at Edgewater Drive? Can you describe your look/style/customer?

Cassidy: I am inspired everywhere I go! Colors, culture, people. I love seeing it translated in fashion. I’m naturally drawn to unique and colorful pieces. And I love unexpected detail. Growing up I loved shopping with the women in my family. I really wanted to recreate that shopping experience here and keep my family in mind on buying trips. Is there something for my mom? My sister? My teenage cousin?

The most important thing I look for is what you can’t find anywhere else nearby, and equally important is price. If I wouldn’t pay it, I wouldn’t expect anyone else to, either.

You can walk out of here with khakis and a white shirt if that's for you. Or pair that white shirt with a sequined camo jacket and some leather joggers. It’s so fun for me to see what people come up with!

Charisse: Your store is super eclectic! Tell us about the window display and other creative concepts you engage with the public?

Cassidy: Thanks! The windows are my favorite part! Nobody told me how much time I’d be spending in front of a computer – which is great, I’m learning – but the art teacher in me needs to shut it down and make a mess. We’re always doing something in here from painting a mural to moving furniture, and the windows have been a great creative outlet for me. They’re always something cute and silly and hopefully make people smile.

Charisse: How can everyone support Edgewater Drive?

Cassidy: Like all small business owners, this is a scary time for me. I would encourage everyone to shop local, and shop small when they can. Every purchase – big or small – makes a difference. Most, including myself, are offering discounts and delivery options to make it more convenient.

As for Edgewater – I’m very excited about our brand new shoppable website ( Mostly, I hope everyone is staying safe. And when this is all over stop in for a hug and a Corona.