The world seems to have stopped. Time has become an illusion and most people don’t know what day it is. In our current coronavirus climate, it is tempting to dwell on the past, or wallow in the stagnant present, but Savannah singer-songwriter Danielle Hicks is looking excitedly to the future.

Having a beautiful eight-month old daughter (with her husband and band manager Blake Crosby) to focus on, and time to work on new song material, Hicks has much to enjoy right now, and a lot to look forward to after the pandemic is inevitably over.

“We’re not letting the quarantine get us down,” Hicks said of her band The Resistance. “We’re developing new originals and I’m just maturing as a songwriter and a musician, and I’ve become a mother, so I feel like I have a lot of new things to pull from.”

“We were a little nervous about becoming parents,” Hicks continued. “We love to travel and camp, and we’re usually on the road for two, sometimes three months out of the year and we were like, ‘How is it going to be to have a kid? Is it going to cramp our style?’ Now we’re just, ‘Oh, this is just more fun and a lot more stuff.’.”

Hicks released her debut album, “Honey,” in 2017, which was produced by legendary, Grammy-winning, producer Jim Scott (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Tedeschi Trucks Band). Since then she has been heavily touring the Southeast and gigging regularly in Savannah. Hick’s soulful, bluesy voice—as striking as her fiery red hair—has made her a local favorite.

The gigs may have slowed down, but Hicks and her bandmate, guitarist Ben Keiser, just performed last Saturday on Savannah’s outstanding streaming series, Quarantine Concerts — her first show since the stay-at-home order went into place. The set featured several new covers and original songs including one about becoming a mother called “Two Hearts.”

Hicks is still rehearsing with her bandmates using JamKazam, which allows them to play together online from different locations.

“Moving forward we want to be able to do some [concerts] from the safety of our homes,” said Hicks. “I miss performing so much.”

“Our goal was to be playing plenty of gigs and saving money and getting ready to go out to California and record a couple singles to help promote the Kickstarter for our second album. We’re still trying to do it in the fall, we just don’t know how long this is going to go on, but we really want to go back out to California and work with Jim Scott again and do a couple of singles and then focus on getting funding, really tease people with some well produced singles.”

In the meantime, Hicks and her husband are putting their time and energy into growing organic vegetables for their new business venture, Crosby Farms.

“Our biggest focus right now has been our one acre organic garden,” Hicks explained. “Some people who see it call it a farm. This is not crisis gardening. My husband actually has been developing this land organically by hand for over a year now and it just so happens that we are just probably a month away from having a lot of organic produce to sell. We’re right between downtown Savannah and Bluffton. We’ll probably open our own little farm stand. We have our little piece of land on 315 right on the main road to Hilton Head.”

“Maybe farm stand concerts will be a thing eventually,” Hicks added with a laugh.

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