Get ready to kick back, relax, and tune in to catch some of Savannah’s hardest working burlesque performers from the comfort of your own home as The Savannah Sweet Tease present their latest production, “28 Teases Later,” available starting April 30th at 8 p.m.

The groups’ first digital performance, “28 Teases Later,” is inherently influenced and inspired by the ongoing COVID-19 shelter-in-place order, and features many of the performers you already know filmed largely from their own homes with proceeds going to troupe members’ who are currently unemployed due to repercussions of the ongoing national health crisis.

“This show is sort of a reflection of what we’re doing right now to try to find our way through or cope with everything going on,” said Anita Narcisse, the groups' founder and executive producer. “I thought, why don’t we film a show from our own spaces at home? With the whole self-isolation and social distancing recommendations, none of us were going to meet up to try to film, so we decided to film our bits with the resources available to us.”

Narcisse, who also regularly performs with the group under the stage name Rita D’LaVane is looking forward to surmounting the hiccups and obstacles that inherently come with making the move to digital.

“The biggest challenge we’re looking at right now is this will be the first time we’ve had to put together a show without an in-person audience to share the energy with, so just that in itself is going to make it a lot different,” said Narcisse. “We’ve always been the type of group to push the envelope and get outside the box with content, to do something a little less traditional. I think that’s something that applies to all of our shows, so, given this new challenge, I’m excited to see how it comes together. We’re used to being unconventional, but now we’re taking that to another level.”

“We’re doing our best to make sure this is a streamlined concise visual presentation, not necessarily a visual album, but more or less a burlesque movie with different segments,” said Narcisse.

“This will be our first time dipping our toes into that kind of format. I’d like to evolve on it later, but this is the test run of how well we can do burlesque without being in front of an actual audience.”

For those interested in catching the show, the group has a ten-dollar suggested donation which can be submitted through online payment services Venmo or Paypal. A ten-dollar donation grants purchasers a Dropbox link, which the group plans to keep up indefinitely. Lesser donations will gain purchasers a private Youtube link available for around a week.

“One of the interesting things I’ve tried to implement throughout this process has been the suggestion of using royalty-free music so that YouTube doesn’t take it down,” said Narcisse. “There are a few different places you can find royalty-free music online, but most of our performers are using music from local bands giving a nod back to local artists that inspire us as well.”

The show will feature tracks by local bands to include Ambrose, Bero Bero, as well as Asheville, North Carolina’s, Bless Your Heart.

Featured performers include Corbin Monoxide, Kaiju Kink, Lady Von Luft, Luna Noir, Jane Holiday, Magnolia Minx, Rita D’LaVane, Roxanna Darling, and Sadie DeSade.