Savannah is a place where dreams are made of.

Imagine growing up close to the Atlantic coast and napping underneath trees filled with moss that lull you while you lick your lips, which are sweet from the iced tea you just had. You nap only to be woken up by your childhood friends that wish to run freely through the marshland. These are a few of the reasons why we stay in Savannah and we decide to start families here. The backdrop is that of a movie set ready to frame the life we wish to create.

No strangers to the Hollywood scene, Ashley Borders and Meredith Peluso are two friends that grew up in Savannah, living a beautiful Southern coastal life. They grew up and left their hometown, but are now in Savannah picking up where they left off: building a stronger friendship while raising families and simultaneously creating something beautiful and new.

“We have been best friends since we were little girls,” Peluso said. “We feel blessed and fortunate to work together on something that attempts to recreate the family atmosphere of our childhood, when the world seemed to spin around just a little bit slower. Our boardroom is the kitchen counter, where vertical integration strategies are interrupted by requests for a PB&J sandwiches and chocolate milk from our little ones. And we love the interruptions.”

Peluso is a personal chef who spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and hosting dinners, and Borders is a fashion stylist and designer who has spent many years designing and manufacturing textile products. You blend both passions and organically a line of linens and a lifestyle blog are born.

“We wanted to create a brand of table and kitchen linens that emphasizes the importance of family time and the ease of making beautiful meals at home,” Borders said.

“Butter Radish is women-owned and operated. A Southern brand which creates products that makes every dining experience an elegant one. Our products are meant to be a part of family memories and ultimately heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and like to think of our line as fabulously casual.”

The ladies understand the importance of homegrown and made in the United States. They work hard in creating “Butter Radish” as a conscious brand, which in return creates a lifestyle and home life that is harmonious to our environment and economy.

“We manufacture cotton napkins and tablecloths, re-purposing as often as possible,” Borders said.

“We have a small factory in Kentucky that provides jobs for displaced mill workers. Our products are manufactured from inception to delivery in the South. Our linens are all crafted with love and care. We have found while manufacturing that some of our products are multi-functional. Meredith’s husband absconded with one of our napkins and was using it as pocket square. It looked so great that we have added the pocket square to our summer product line. In addition to that, we have begun making children’s aprons. Meredith’s eight-year-old daughter Gigi wears them, and she looks like a Swiss farm girl. It’s absolutely adorable.”

“We love a happy workplace and even more importantly home life,” Peluso added. “We both have gardens in our homes that we cultivate every day. The farm-to-table concept is how we try to feed our families and it is this concept we embrace, as small business owners. It is very reassuring to see these urban gardens popping up across the country, specially during these trying times. We are terribly worried for so many who have lost loved ones and employment. The isolation has been a trying time for everyone, but we are truly blessed to be around our families.”

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