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Alice Ryley


Unplugged: VOICE Fest offers reprise of ‘Alice Ryley’ opera

24 Aug 2016

The final week of the 2016 Savannah VOICE Festival featured an array of high-quality events, including the staging of Michael Ching’s short opera “Alice Ryley” in a ballroom at The Westin Savannah Harbor.


2016 Savannah VOICE Festival offers three Savannah-sized operas

04 Aug 2016

There’s music in the air these days. The 2016 Savannah VOICE Festival runs Aug. 7-21, and many of the singers are already in town.


Review: ‘Alice Ryley’ opera will put you on the hunt for Savannah’s ghosts

08 Nov 2015

The Savannah VOICE Festival recently brought back to life some of the city’s most well-known ghosts with the debut of its new opera, “Alice Ryley.” 


VIDEO: Savannah’s ghosts come to life in 'Alice Ryley' opera

21 Oct 2015

Alice Riley is either a murderer or a heroine, depending on whom you ask. To some, she might even be both; fact and fiction can get blurred in the details. 


Voice festival offers members-only events and community outreach

29 Jul 2015

Members of the VOICE Society get to enjoy more events at the Savannah VOICE Festival.