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Author Diane Michael Cantor to read, sign second novel in Savannah

29 Nov 2017

“When Nighttime Shadows Fall” was Diane Michael Cantor’s first novel, but not her first published.


Savannah pastor authors new book, ‘WOW! Moments’

29 Nov 2016

If you’ve ever uttered in amazement, “Did that really just happen?” you might have had a “wow moment.”


Book set in coastal Georgia reaches No. 1 as a Kindle bestseller

31 Dec 2015

“The Girl in the Maze” has suspense, action, memorable characters and even a perfect storm.


New book by Georgia Southern professor explores story of slave ship Antelope

29 Jul 2015

In the summer of 1819, a Spanish ship named the Antelope left from Havana, Cuba, and set sail for Africa to fill its hull with slaves.


Book tour comes to Savannah to tell how one boy was unlocked from autism

08 Apr 2015

She well knew his repetitive questions, stare-right-through-you gazes and limp-armed “hugs.”


Savannah writers hone skills in local groups

30 Jun 2014

Christen Gresham wants a better ending. If the guy in her story felt so infatuated with the girl in her piece, would he have just left like that at the end?


Deep students’ writing ‘might surprise you’

14 May 2014

Audience members may be moved to tears. After all, these trained middle-school writers can compose some pretty moving pieces.