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Mountainfilm on Tour opens with ‘Take Every Wave,’ offers look at extreme sports, nature

16 Jan 2018

Since 2010, the touring version of this esteemed event — which criss-crosses the globe for months following each year’s Mountainfilm Fest in Telluride — has made a welcomed stop in downtown Savannah, courtesy of Mountainfilm on Tour – Savannah. 


‘Whose Streets?’ documentary offers glimpse into lives behind Ferguson riots

10 Jan 2018

"Whose Streets?" offers a revealing look at the daily lives, trials and tribulations of residents of Ferguson, Mo.


Mighty Eighth Museum hosts big-screen viewing of war documentary at Lucas Theatre

20 Jun 2017

Here in Savannah, our community is lucky indeed to have several very different museums at our disposal. One of the most unique of these institutions is the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, located in nearby Pooler.


Review: 'Off the Rails' a highlight of Savannah Film Fest's 'Docs to Watch'

03 Nov 2016

The 2016 Savannah Film Fest could hardly have chosen a better feature film to kick off this year’s 19th annual installment of the celebrated, juried international film festival. 


Review: In artful documentary 'Gleason,' a hero battles ALS

29 Jul 2016

Football star Steve Gleason was known for throwing caution to the wind. He’d launch himself down the field with seemingly no regard for his own well-being.


Review: ‘Weiner’ is riveting fly-on-the-wall filmmaking

27 May 2016

There are lots of fly-on-the-wall documentaries. But occasionally there’s one that makes you want to ask the fly: Just HOW did you get onto that wall, and how did you manage to stay there?


Eat It and Like It: Documentary group tackles sustainable seafood

13 Apr 2016

When you roll up your sleeves and really dig into a topic, a lot of times you come to realize how little you know. 


Nature documentarian: It’s a labor of love

27 Jan 2016

If there’s one thing Shaun MacGillivray knows, it’s how to make a world-class nature-based documentary.


Review: Moore ‘invades’ Europe to teach us all some lessons

01 Jan 2016

Of course Michael Moore exaggerates. Of course he engages in cheerful, unabashed cherry-picking. Of course he sees black and white where most of us see shades of gray.


‘Rosenwald’ doc puts spotlight on under-the-radar philanthropist

18 Nov 2015

When I was a kid, my parents taught me of the intertwined traditional Jewish ideals of “tzedakah,” or charity, and “tikkunolam,” which could be described as the noble and sacred goal of repairing (or improving) the world.


Review: ‘Malala’ is a gripping story, eloquently told

09 Oct 2015

Many people know the basic elements of the story of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who was the youngest person ever to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But “He Named Me Malala” retells that story in a deft and affecting way. 


Do's top 10 list: Savannah plans for Statts Fest, free week of jazz

17 Sep 2015

We've got jazz, rap, classical and more to fill your Savannah weekend, and if you're not musically inclined, we've got plenty of other options for you, too!


Legacy of Carter Family explored in new documentary

15 Sep 2015

Beth Harrington is a woman of many pursuits. These days, she’s somewhat swamped overseeing the long-awaited independent theatrical release of her latest full-length documentary, “The Winding Stream: The Carters, The Cashes and the Course of Country Music.”


Review: Gibney presents Steve Jobs’ darker side in new doc

03 Sep 2015

Was Steve Jobs a brilliant visionary whose singular mind, capable of blending art, technology and commerce as never before, inspired the world to “think different” and changed the way we live?


Film Scene: ‘Mr. Holmes’ comes to Savannah screen

22 Jul 2015

Folks who read this column with some degree of regularity likely know by now that on Wednesday nights, The Sentient Bean turns into an informal screening room, courtesy of the Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah.


Review: Celebrity is the villain in Winehouse doc ‘Amy’

02 Jul 2015

Asif Kapadia’s Amy Winehouse documentary “Amy” is a slow, tragic zoom out. 


Do Savannah's top 10 list: How about some free reggae in the park?

27 May 2015

There's no better way to welcome summer in Savannah than the free SCAD New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park. 


Review: ‘Lambert & Stamp’ depicts backstage story of The Who

03 Apr 2015

The teenage revolution was in full force on the fall 1964 night that Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp stumbled into the Railway Tavern.


A legacy of inspiration: Icon Mavis Staples to play Savannah Music Festival

16 Mar 2015

​At 75, Mavis Staples can still bring chills down the spine of every listener in the room,


Mountainfilm on Tour brings the world to Savannah

21 Jan 2015

For almost three decades, the Telluride MountainFilm Festival has showcased outstanding films on a variety of subjects related to exploring and preserving our environment.


Film Scene: Unique fests and ‘super crazy’ mystery screening

14 Jan 2015

Anyone catch the Golden Globes on Sunday night? Well, even if you did not, you may have heard director Richard Linklater pulled off something of a great surprise.


Film Scene: Savannah Film Festival closes another standout year

05 Nov 2014

Now that the 2014 Savannah Film Festival has finally come to a close, I can safely say that (to my taste, at least) it boasted one of the more unique and enjoyable schedules of features and shorts in the recent history of this beloved local annual institution.


WWII veteran Frank Moore to attend screening of documentary ‘Mending the Line’

05 Nov 2014

It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to interview someone who fought against Hitler’s forces during the Invasion of Normandy.