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Hang Fire


The Sentient Bean gets loud with Echo Courts, Sink Tapes, The Lipschitz

06 Jan 2016

While the closing of Hang Fire has left the state of Savannah music in a rather precarious predicament, an old venue that never really went anywhere is reminding all of us this week that it’s still around: The Sentient Bean.


Unplugged: Another strong year for the Savannah music scene

23 Dec 2015

What a year. We might have had an ugly year for local politics and for crime, but 2015 has been a banner year for Savannah’s music scene.


Unplugged: Thursday night shows get the weekend started early

26 Oct 2015

Halloween is always a big night in downtown Savannah, and the 2015 celebration should be even bigger than usual since it falls on a Saturday night. There will surely be costumed revelers out and about on Friday night, too.


Generation Pill adds new album to city’s booming DIY scene

21 Oct 2015

I met with Generation Pill at The Coffee Fox where, you guessed it, one of the three members was finishing up his shift before we sat down to talk about their upcoming show at Hang Fire, music and how vast Savannah is in musical performances.


Last-minute lease extension means Hang Fire party continues through 2015

31 Aug 2015

Yes, “by some divine miracle,” says co-owner Heather Flagle, Hang Fire’s lease has been extended until the end of 2015.


Do Savannah's top 10 list: Seafood, spirits, craft brews and a last hurrah for Hang Fire

27 Aug 2015

Don’t miss a thing this weekend with our top 10 list, from a celebration of the city’s best seafood and cocktails to a party commemorating the end of an era for one downtown hotspot. 


Unplugged: Diverse styles at promising gigs

26 Aug 2015

You can read elsewhere here in Do about the final night for Hang Fire in its current space on Whitaker Street, but that’s not the only big show on Aug. 29.


Performance extravaganza sends off Hang Fire in style

25 Aug 2015

Opening in 2006, Hang Fire has consistently been a destination for musicians and guests from all over the world and quite frankly, it’s a shame to see such a beloved bar slip into the void.


Unplugged: The party continues at Hang Fire

17 Aug 2015

The clock is ticking at Hang Fire. As many of you know, the quirky club’s lease is expiring at the end of August, so there are just two weekends left.


CHEW brings mind-melting circus to Savannah

13 Aug 2015

​“Experimental” is the only thing that comes to the forefront while listening to CHEW, a fledgling band from right up the road in Atlanta.


NE-HI brings dazzling jangle to Hang Fire

12 Aug 2015

Aug. 29 is looming right around the corner and for many locals, this date spells the end of an era for patrons of Savannah nightlife. 


Unplugged: Valient Thorr, BOYTOY headline promising weeknight shows

10 Aug 2015

Valient Thorr has a reputation for amazing live shows, and Savannah music lovers can judge for themselves on Aug. 13, when the rock band takes over The Jinx.


South by Midwest: You never know who you’ll see

05 Aug 2015

On Aug. 1, The Wormhole hosted its regular Comedy Planet showcase featuring a few locals and visiting Atlanta comics. 


Do's top 10 list: Opera stars head to Savannah for festival

29 Jul 2015

It's a celebration of beautiful voices as the Savannah VOICE Festival gears up for its third season, beginning Aug. 2. 


Unplugged: Blues, hip-hop, rock offered in weekend lineup

29 Jul 2015

The Savannah VOICE Festival, from Aug. 2-16, will rightly dominate the local music news for a few weeks, especially since the club scene seems to have hit a late summer lull.


Unplugged: Eclectic Savannah summer rolls on

22 Jul 2015

We’ve had a busy summer on the Savannah music scene — maybe the best summer ever. The schedule is a little slower this weekend, but there are plenty of promising shows.


Diverse talents celebrate Hang Fire's ninth birthday

14 Jul 2015

Hang Fire's next birthday celebration is a special one, as it is going to be the last one in this location.


Do Savannah's top 10: Butterflies, Shakespeare and pet parties

08 Jul 2015

If you're looking for music, plays and parties this weekend, we've got you covered with Skunk Ruckus, two Shakespeare productions and much more. Read on for Do's top weekend picks:


Unplugged: CUSSES throws release party; hip-hop at The Wormhole

06 Jul 2015

The power trio CUSSES features the charismatic lead singer Angel Bond, the driving guitar of Bryan Harder and the relentless drumwork of Brian Lackey. 


Unplugged: Little Tybee home for two shows

01 Jul 2015

It’s always a thrill when Little Tybee returns to Savannah for a show.


Do Savannah's top 10 list: How about some free reggae in the park?

27 May 2015

There's no better way to welcome summer in Savannah than the free SCAD New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park. 


House of Gunt offers a font-tastic night

26 May 2015

Just look at what those crazy kids at House of Gunt are up to now.


Unplugged: Impressive shows on the way this summer in Savannah

25 May 2015

Summer doesn’t officially begin for a few weeks, but the city feels empty by the time June arrives.