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Statesboro’s Nonna Picci serves up high-end pizza at a reasonable price

24 Jan 2018

I am regularly asked how we manage to find some out-of-the-way or hidden places that we either write about or feature on our television show.


Eat It and Like It: Get Savannah Food & Wine Fest tickets before they’re gone

18 Oct 2017

For all of the time we share in this space almost year-round about the Savannah Food & Wine Festival, it is not lost on me that most of you (us) are procrastinators.


Eat It and Like It: Remember Savannah’s service industry in hurricane recovery

12 Sep 2017

What a week, huh? It’s easy to sit with your coffee now and casually read this, but a few days ago, this town was very different.


Eat It and Like It: SOHO South Cafe keeps up with demand for popular soup

10 Jan 2017

The chili recipes are getting a workout, as are those stews. A lot of people, meanwhile, like to hide behind a bowl of good soup.


Eat It and Like It: Jesse Blanco’s top seven meals of 2016

27 Dec 2016

Not a day goes by that I don’t consider myself the luckiest man in the world for carving out a little niche here in our area, being able to share with you where you might just “Eat It and Like It.”


Eat It and Like It: Atlantic poised to add another great neighborhood spot to Savannah

21 Sep 2016

If you are fortunate enough, then you know what it is like to report to your place of employment every day and not feel like you are going to work. 


Eat It and Like It: Show marks five years of great food, kicks off sixth season

14 Sep 2016
What a ride it has been indeed. We haven’t been big on celebrating milestones at “Eat It and Like It.” Not at all. 

Eat It and Like It: Get your game on at Savannah's best football-watching spots

31 Aug 2016
It has become kind of an annual happening around here. About a week before college football kicks off, I field a text or two: “Where should I watch the game?” 

Eat It and Like It: Savannah Food & Wine Fest hosts celebrity chefs for Beard Dinner

26 Jul 2016

It is about this time every year when the calendar starts to fall into place. Not the least of which is the Savannah Food & Wine Festival, coming to our fine city Nov. 7-13.


Eat It and Like It: Treylor Park duo to open Hitch at Liberty and Drayton

12 Jul 2016

Those of us who drive into downtown Savannah with any regularity lost count a long long time ago. I’m referring to the number of times you sat at the intersection of Liberty and Drayton streets.


Eat It and Like It: Cool down with summer cocktails around Savannah

28 Jun 2016

You know that feeling when you walk out to your car and it’s like the surface of the sun? 


Eat It and Like It: Soft-shell crabs popping up on Savannah menus

05 Apr 2016

When you eat out enough, you find yourself drifting toward the same restaurants when you are looking for a particular dish.


Eat It and Like It: 12 confessions from Jesse Blanco

02 Mar 2016

From steak and seafood to those ‘other’ cooking shows, Jesse Blanco answers your questions.


Eat It and Like It: Mexican food options expand in Savannah

03 Feb 2016

There has been quite a bit of movement on the food landscape the last few weeks


Eat It and Like It: Shop local for gifts to make food lovers smile

08 Dec 2015

I’ve been doing some virtual shopping for a few weeks now, making a list and checking it twice. I’ve been looking for unique items to offer that (here comes the F word) foodie in your life.


Eat It and Like It: Lunch options multiply in Savannah's Victorian District

22 Sep 2015

Patsy Hood walks over to one of the tables in her new restaurant and offers me a bite from what appears to be her breakfast — a plastic-wrap-still-attached Lunchable. 


Eat It and Like It: Mark your calendar for great food events

01 Sep 2015

You’ve gotta forgive me for getting a little bit out in front of my favorite time of the year. 


Eat It and Like It: Savannah chef takes on Bloody Mary market

04 Aug 2015

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. That’s kind of how Jeremy Diehl’s story has unfolded over the last year and change. 


Eat It and Like It: Strange name, great food at Putt Guttz

21 Jul 2015

I wish I could tell you the following is a classic story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, open a business and live happily ever after. 


Eat It and Like It: Cotton & Rye leads booming Victorian District

14 Jul 2015

Someone who is in a position to know told me no less than 15 new restaurants have opened in or near downtown Savannah in the last year. 


Eat It and Like It: Take a walk on the Wyld side

07 Jul 2015

I’ve met all kinds of people in my time as a food writer, and more times than not you can put them into a handful of categories. 


Hugh Acheson looks back at first year of Savannah, The Florence

06 Jul 2015

If you didn’t know who he was, frankly, you wouldn’t mistake him for any sort of bigger-than-life figure. 


Eat It and Like It: AquaCurean back with top seafood, spirits

30 Jun 2015

It really shouldn’t have come as any surprise to me once upon a time when I started asking chefs what their most popular dishes were at any number of area restaurants.  


Eat It and Like It: Try something special at Smith Brothers

09 Jun 2015

Do you remember the roar of the crowd when Whole Foods opened its doors on Victory Drive?