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Johnny Cash


Cash Unchained tribute show rolls through Tybee

02 Jan 2018

James Tamelcoff never set out to be Johnny Cash, but by paying tribute to the original outlaw, he’s beginning to find his own voice.


Do's top 10 list: Savannah plans for Statts Fest, free week of jazz

17 Sep 2015

We've got jazz, rap, classical and more to fill your Savannah weekend, and if you're not musically inclined, we've got plenty of other options for you, too!


Film Scene: Plan now for a full fall schedule of screenings

15 Sep 2015

For the first time in a while, there’s a relatively low number of alternative film-related events taking place in our area. 


Legacy of Carter Family explored in new documentary

15 Sep 2015

Beth Harrington is a woman of many pursuits. These days, she’s somewhat swamped overseeing the long-awaited independent theatrical release of her latest full-length documentary, “The Winding Stream: The Carters, The Cashes and the Course of Country Music.”