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Film Scene: SCAD Cinema Circle, epic films and festivals coming in 2018

27 Dec 2017

It’s heartening to know there are plenty of exciting and varied alternative cinema events to look forward to in the first few months of 2018.


Film Scene: Christmas classics, fantasy fare, scary gremlins fill everyone’s movie wish list

20 Dec 2017

A big thanks to those Film Scene readers who came out last Sunday for “Tangerine,” the second installment of The Look Back, a new queer cinema series.


Film Scene: Options range from just-opened stage play to 50th anniversary of a cinema classic

06 Dec 2017

The Lucas Theatre offers the latest in its series of National Theatre Live broadcasts of top-shelf British stage plays. This time around, it’s “Young Marx,” the just-opened play about the early life of Karl Marx.


Review: In 'Wonder,' a sweetly sincere message movie

17 Nov 2017

It's hard for us cynical souls to walk into a movie advertised with the tagline "Choose kindness" and not shudder in trepidation. What sentimental hooey is this? What new hellish circle of cheese awaits now?