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Savannah Christian brings ‘Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang’ to stage for ‘magical’ show

20 Feb 2018

If you have ever wondered what 50 parent-volunteers and a class full of talented theater students can do, you’ll want to check out Savannah Christian Preparatory School’s annual Broadway musical.


Savannah's Deep Center names best young author

18 Feb 2018

Deep Center has named 13-year-old Tyler Kipp, an eighth-grader from East Broad Street School, as Deep Laureate for fall 2017


Savannah Book Festival: 2018 authors at a glance

15 Feb 2018

Take a look at some of the 40-plus authors headed to the Hostess City for the 11th annual Savannah Book Festival.


Savannah Book Fest: Michael Tolkin creates post-apocalyptic Hollywood in ‘NK3’

14 Feb 2018

Michael Tolkin is the award-winning author of “The Player,” which he adapted into the 1992 film directed by Robert Altman and starring Tim Robbins. He is also a producer, writer and director on the Showtime television series “Ray Donovan.”


Savannah Book Fest: Douglas Preston’s perilous search for a lost city

14 Feb 2018

Author Douglas Preston does quite a bit of adventuring when he is not writing the bestselling FBI agent Pendergast novels with Lincoln Child, or critically acclaimed non-fiction books like “The Monster of Florence.”


Savannah Book Fest: Reza Farazmand draws the absurd with webcomic ‘Poorly Drawn Lines’

14 Feb 2018

Reza Farazmand lives inside the internet. There he creates social commentary with satirical and fictional webcomics that make more sense than real life these days.


Savannah Book Fest: Chloe Benjamin writes about life before death in ‘The Immortalists’

14 Feb 2018

Four siblings between the ages of 7 and 13 find their way to the home of a “rishika,” or seer, a Romani gypsy woman who tells them not their fortunes, but the date of their deaths.


Savannah Book Fest: Joe Hill blows into town with horror novella ‘Strange Weather’

14 Feb 2018

Critics have described bestselling author Joe Hill’s work with words like creepy, scary, terrifying, compelling and chilling, but one word seems to pop up more than others — original.


UPDATE: Colin Quinn has heart attack, postpones Hilton Head Island show

14 Feb 2018

FEB. 15 UPDATE: Colin Quinn has had a heart attack and the show will be rescheduled for another date.


SCAD deFINEART samples diverse contemporary works from around the world

14 Feb 2018

SCAD’s ninth annual deFINE ART program gets underway Feb. 20 with an alluring selection of exhibitions, lectures and public events by internationally established and emerging contemporary artists working in an assortment of media.


Savannah Book Fest: Annual celebration of writing continues to grow in 11th year

14 Feb 2018

Pushing into a new decade of life, the Savannah Book Festival continues to thrive, and its 11th year is no exception as the annual literary festival adds new aspects and showcases several first-time features.


Savannah Book Fest: Author Daren Wang mines personal history for a stunning debut

13 Feb 2018

When he answers the phone from his home near Atlanta, author Daren Wang is standing before a wall filled with yellow sticky notes, brainstorming scenes for his second novel. This is what life is like now for the former executive director of the AJC Decatur Book Festival.


Savannah Book Fest: Oprah’s latest book club pick Tayari Jones makes her way to the Hostess City

13 Feb 2018

When asked if she enjoys getting a chance to meet her fans, award-winning author Tayari Jones says she prefers the word “readers” rather than “fans” and adds, “Beyoncé has fans.”


Savannah Book Fest: Celeste Headlee confronts the decline of healthy conversation

13 Feb 2018

Conversation has led mankind’s evolution, acting as a catalyst for progression from the caves to the skyscrapers, yet in our postmodern digital age, we’re still struggling to communicate effectively.


Savannah Book Fest: Acclaimed food critic John T. Edge explores Southern food history, civil rights

13 Feb 2018

As a new tide of Southern culture emerges and its beleaguered history continues to be discussed and dissected, food and agriculture fit prominently in the re-engineering of one of America’s most influential regions.


Savannah Book Fest: Ben Blum unravels mythos of elite soldiers in nonfiction look at cousin’s crime

08 Feb 2018

A dozen years ago, the Blum family would be forever altered by a single, unthinkable decision made by one of the family’s proudest sons.


Savannah Book Fest: Constitutional rock star Floyd Abrams makes a case for the First Amendment

08 Feb 2018

Floyd Abrams refers to the First Amendment as “the rock star of the American Constitution,” and he should know better than anyone its significance to the American legal system.


Savannah Book Fest: Elise Hooper’s debut novel explores complicated relationship of Alcott sisters

08 Feb 2018

Many of us are familiar with the classic tale of Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women.” It follows the story of the fictional March sisters, and while many see sister Jo as the fierce fan-favorite, the younger Amy March is often seen as the least favorite bratty sister.


Savannah Book Fest: Story of ‘raffled baby’ inspires new novel by award-winner Jamie Ford

08 Feb 2018

The last time author Jamie Ford came to the Savannah Book Festival, he had just released his debut novel, “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.”


Savannah Book Fest: Scientist-turned-novelist Diana Gabaldon to dish on ‘Outlander’ at sold-out opening address

08 Feb 2018

In the late 1980s, Diana Gabaldon was a research scientist working in the field of behavioral ecology when she set out to explore a new hobby that would transform her career rather drastically.