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Review: 'Annihilation' is a trippy and frightful fantasia

22 Feb 2018

"The Shimmer" is the name given to the mysterious phenomenon that, after a meteor strike, settles along a swampy coastline in Alex Garland's "Annihilation."


Review: Bateman, McAdams anchor lively and fun 'Game Night'

22 Feb 2018

A murder mystery party goes sideways when violent kidnappers arrive before the fake ones in "Game Night," which seems on the page to be like all the other disappointing action-comedies of late.


Film Scene: Oscar nominees find their way to Savannah

21 Feb 2018

As we mentioned in last week’s Film Scene, Feb. 22 and 23 finds Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong Campus on southside Savannah hosting the 10th annual Francophone Film Festival. 


GSU Armstrong’s Francophone Film Fest salutes French culture

20 Feb 2018

Dorothée Mertz-Weigel remembers well the very first Armstrong State University Francophone Film Festival.


Review: 'Nostalgia' is an unrushed poem with a great cast

16 Feb 2018

One of the first images in the film "Nostalgia" is of an heirloom necklace dangling on the neck of a diner waitress. One of the last images is of a massive puffy cloud, ever shifting in the wide sky.


Review: Lean and mischievous, 'The Party' is worth your time

16 Feb 2018

You know going in that things are going to spiral out of control in "The Party."


Review: A harrowing tragedy in Russia's Oscar nom 'Loveless'

16 Feb 2018

Russia's foreign language Oscar nominee "Loveless" is a beautifully shot and elegantly constructed film about an already broken family in a moment of crisis and tragedy.


Film Scene: ‘The Florida Project’ comes to Savannah for one screening only

14 Feb 2018

If you have not availed yourself of the opportunity to see the full run of “Harry Potter” films once more (or, for many readers, the very first time) on the big screen as they were intended to be enjoyed, there is still time to catch the final three installments at the historic Lucas Theatre.


Review: 'Black Panther' is dazzling grand-scale filmmaking

08 Feb 2018

 The supposedly cosmically vast Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it's called, spans planets peppered throughout the galaxy, but Ryan Coogler's Earth-bound "Black Panther," glittering and galvanizing, stands worlds apart.


Review: Eastwood's '15:17' recreates a thwarted attack

08 Feb 2018

In his latest film, "The 15:17 to Paris," Clint Eastwood has taken his famously no-frills filmmaking further than ever before.


Review: Earnest 'Peter Rabbit' sure to delight young fans

08 Feb 2018

With warm nostalgia for Beatrix Potter's classic children's tale, "Peter Rabbit" director, producer and co-writer Will Gluck channels the author's earnestness into a sweet film sure to delight young fans.


Review: 'Cloverfield Paradox' desperately needs sharpening

08 Feb 2018

The big draw following the thrilling Super Bowl was a fresh episode of "This Is Us." But, very mysteriously, there was suddenly something else big to see.


Film Scene: Get ‘Moonstruck’ with ‘Harry Potter’ series, vampires and Gray’s Reef festival

07 Feb 2018

Not in the mood for laughter and love? How about haunting visual imagery, emotional turmoil, non-traditional depictions of gender and the occasional gory murder? 


Gray’s Reef Film Festival offers three days of insight into coastal challenges

06 Feb 2018

Those who are born and raised near the coastline anywhere in the world cannot help but view the ocean as an almost supremely bountiful source of life and energy. 


Review: A provocative drama in Oscar-nominated 'The Insult'

01 Feb 2018

In the provocative Lebanese film "The Insult," a minor conflict over a gutter between two ordinary men in Beirut spirals and escalates to the level of national significance with the stability of the country hanging in the balance.


Film Scene: Head to the cinema for Harry Potter, Cher, vampires and more

31 Jan 2018

As we covered in last week’s Film Scene, the 2018 Savannah Jewish Film Festival continues through this Saturday evening, Feb. 3.


Review: Forward motion of 'Maze Runner' stalls in third entry

28 Jan 2018

Moviegoers who come late to the "Maze Runner" franchise, which now numbers three, will doubtless have one very reasonable question: Where, pray tell, are all the mazes I was promised?


Film Scene: Dramas, epics, anime and opera on the schedule

25 Jan 2018

Well, the big news around these parts this week in alternative cinema screenings is surely the launch of the 2018 Savannah Jewish Film Fest.


Annual Savannah Jewish Film Festival celebrates diversity of the world around us

24 Jan 2018

“The diversity of Savannah is one of the wonderful defining attributes of living here,” says Jacqui Drazen, community programming coordinator at Savannah’s Jewish Educational Alliance.


Film Scene: Plethora of movies hit Savannah thanks to two film festivals

17 Jan 2018

If you’re in the mood for catching a movie or other specialty program in a cinematic setting, you’ve found the right column. 


Mountainfilm on Tour opens with ‘Take Every Wave,’ offers look at extreme sports, nature

16 Jan 2018

Since 2010, the touring version of this esteemed event — which criss-crosses the globe for months following each year’s Mountainfilm Fest in Telluride — has made a welcomed stop in downtown Savannah, courtesy of Mountainfilm on Tour – Savannah. 


Review: Liam Neeson rides again in 'The Commuter'

11 Jan 2018

The tagline for the Liam Neeson Metro-North thriller "The Commuter" — "Lives are on the line" — feels like a missed opportunity. I would have gone with: "The quiet car is about to get loud."


Film Scene: Docs offer new perspective on Met Opera, Women’s March, Ferguson riots

10 Jan 2018

Whether you’re in the mood for something light or something almost incomprehensibly heavy, our area’s alternative cinema offerings for this upcoming week likely have at least one option that will appeal to you.